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The Importance Of Stretching


Stretching either before or after your workouts can sometimes be something that we skip unknowingly. Skipping any kind of stretching exercises can put us at a higher risk for injury if we are not careful. No matter what level of fitness you are, stretching should be a part of your exercise routine either before, after or both!

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Some of the most common reasons why we ignore or forget to stretch during our workout sessions.


2). The many benefits of stretching before your workouts and what that does to the muscles to wake them up and prepare them for strain, impact and usage.

3). Why you should also consider stretching AFTER your workouts as well to help ease the body back down which helps keep the tendons in your muscles healthier in the long run.

4). Some of Meredith’s suggestions on which major muscle groups you should focus on when stretching.

5). Why stretching should be done with a long term goal in mind since it’s not something that you can achieve overnight as far as flexibility. Consistent stretching will eventually lead to a healthier body and one ready for it’s best exercise.


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Originally published March 29, 2022


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