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Tips On The Importance Of Posture And How To Improve It


In this episode we breakdown the most important reasons why our posture is important and follow up with a few tips on how you can help improve your posture.

Having good posture is key to so many aspects of our physical lives. From standing up as straight as possible to sitting down with a balanced spine. These are all things that affect our daily lives and activities.


When it comes to exercising and physical activity, posture plays a big role in determining our outcomes. It can help or not help our abilities to injure ourselves either when twisting, turning or moving weights around.

We felt that posture gets overlooked when it comes to physical health which is why we decided to dedicate a full episode to just this topic.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why we felt it was so important to include an episode on posture and how we easily forget the importance of it in our day to day lives especially in seniors where injuries can easily occur if not taken care of.

2). Why goal of having good posture is to have a strong, straight spine but that doesn’t mean we all have the same posture. Everyone is different and we can’t compare one posture to another.


3). Things that contribute to back pain caused from bad posture over time and what we can do to help relieve some of that pain on a daily basis.

4). How having bad posture is a direct correlation to falling in seniors and what we can do to implement fall prevention techniques working with better posture exercises to stay safe and healthy.

5). Some simple exercises you can do right at home that will help build strength in your core, back, lower and upper body and will help improve the muscles that support your posture, including stretches in bed!

6). Why it’s important to keep watch over your own posture as often as you can by using mirrors or checking yourself frequently and making sure you are keeping yourself straight and upright as often as you can.


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Originally published August 18, 2020


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