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Medicare Costs Keep Going Up and the Rules Keep Changing

Medicare Enrollment. It’s a labyrinth that has swallowed many a brave soul whole, leaving them lost in a sea of uncertainty and confusion.

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The Easiest Explanation You’ll Ever Hear About Medicare and How to Enroll

This easy-to-understand video shares some essential things to know about Medicare if you’re nearing 65!

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What is Original Medicare?

This video is an easy-to-follow explanation of Medicare Parts A and B.

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3 Shocking Things Medicare Does Not Cover

While Medicare is a valuable health insurance program for seniors over 65, it’s important to be aware of its limitations. In this video, we discuss 3 shocking things that Medicare doesn’t cover.

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Should I Get a Medicare Supplement or Advantage Plan?

When it comes to Medicare, it’s important to know that not all plans are created equal. There are distinct differences between Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans that go beyond just the premiums. This video breaks it down.

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How Do I Choose a Medicare Part D Plan?

Medicare Part D plays an essential role in supporting those who depend on prescription medications!

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5 Things Medicare Does NOT Cover

While it’s a valuable healthcare resource for seniors, it’s important to understand its limitations and the areas where it falls short.

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Losing Employer Benefits with Dental and Enrolling in Medicare…What Do I Do?

Is there a dental plan that Medicare offers? Find out the advice one reader gets from Medicare expert and advocate, Toni King.

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Acupuncture: Does It Work and Is It Covered by Medicare?

Many studies have found acupuncture to be very effective in easing pain and can help with a variety of other ailments too. Here’s what you should know.

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Do I Need to Sign Up for Medicare If I’m Still Working?

If you plan to continue working past the age of 65 and have health insurance from your job, here’s what you need to know about Medicare enrollment.

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