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Why We Chose Our Recommended Workout Equipment


Making sure you choose the right exercise equipment is a big step to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. We feel strongly about this which is why we felt it was necessary to share our recommendations with you.

Having the right choices will keep you safe and healthy when used correctly and we are very excited to run down why we chose the pieces of equipment to add to our website and why we think you’ll like them too:)

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Meredith’s thoughts on why it’s important to use proper and safe exercise equipment in your workouts and how this can actually help improve them when used correctly.

2). We discuss why we chose the brand of resistance bands listed on our equipment page and why they are our choice for the best.

3). Our choice for an exercise timer and why Meredith thinks it’s a good idea to have a simple – to – use device that is not your phone and can be easily modified for different time settings.

4). Why we feel that having a dedicated exercise chair is a good idea especially if the chairs you have in your home are mostly dinner or table chairs. Having a sturdy chair will keep you safe and motivated to do more seated exercises.


5). How a stretching strap can help you during your stretching routines and what our recommendation is for the safest and most reliable.

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Originally published September 27, 2022


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