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All About Assisted Living, with Keith Roberts


Suzanne joins Community Relations Director Keith Roberts at Vineyard Park of Covington in Covington, WA to talk about the details of assisted living. 

For example, if mom is fine but dad needs help, they have a bonded pairs program where they can come and live together. The care can be provided for dad, mom can live independently, and we’ll have an individualized care plan specifically tailored to dad’s needs. And if dad ever needed memory care, and it started to not be safe for him to stay here at Vineyard Park, we could literally move him across the parking lot and he can stay with us in memory care as well. She can go visit him whenever she wants, plus she can take him out for activities on this side. There are so many options… if she needed to go to the grocery store, or just needed a little break, she can bring him back. There aren’t many options like that in the state of Washington. 


Learn more about Vineyard Park of Covington on their website or call 253-480-7050.

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Originally published July 31, 2022


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