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How Caregiving App Provides Peace of Mind


Innovator Ryan Herd joins Suzanne to talk about how we can help to make sure that our loved ones are safe, be connected to them if they’re in a trouble situation, while they maintain their dignity and age in place in their home, which is so valuable and important.

So many people say, “Just put a camera in the house.” That won’t work — nobody wants to be on camera, nobody wants to have their privacy violated. Caregiver Smart Solutions adds a measure of safety while retaining dignity and respect for seniors.


Let’s say mom gets up to go the bathroom, and falls on the way. What happens is that you’ll get an alert on your phone. In this case, that’d be a big thing, and you’d want to call mom, call the neighbor, or whatever that might be. You can’t be there all the time, even if you have someone coming to the home to help with activities of daily living. There are 268 hours in a week, and you can’t be there every moment to make sure mom’s OK.

If you get a phone call while putting groceries in the fridge, and accidentally leave the door open, it’ll beep after a few minutes to alert you. As we get older, our hearing worsens, and we can no longer hear the frequency of those beeps. If that happens with your mom, she doesn’t hear the beeping, and maybe she goes back to the kitchen a few hours later to find that the fridge was left open. Did her food go bad? Will she eat spoiled food? If she’s 97, she lived through the Depression, she’s not going to throw out anything. With Caregiver Smart Solutions, you’d get an alert about the fridge door being open, and you could call your mom and ask her to check her fridge.

To learn more, visit Caregiver Smart Solutions or call 888-585-5022. Use code AFE10 to get 10% off core kits.

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Originally published May 15, 2023


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