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The Monte Cristo Sandwich

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The Monte Cristo Sandwich

Do you know what the #1 question is in the back of someone’s mind when they meet with a provider or elder care professional about the care of a loved one?


“Can I trust you to take good care and honor my loved one?”

One day I was interviewing a senior living provider and relayed how they triage their residents when they move in. One of the questions they ask is: “What are their favorite foods?”


For Jack’s family, they heartedly answered: “Jack loves Monte Cristo sandwiches.” Now once a month at lunch hour, they host “Jack’s Monte Cristo Day” and on the menu they call it “Jack’s Monte Cristo Sandwich.”

monte cristo sandwich on table

To tell someone they matter and are an integral part of where they live is the message.

No amount of print, or slick commercials can tell a story of who those heroes are who serve our seniors better than radio and podcasts can.

It’s the heart, the passion, and the grace of our industry that we are proud to be a part of.


Answers For Elders Radio tells the stories that provide comfort, education, and helps to empower, and to build trust in the standards that our industry mostly lives up to. We strive to reassure families and their senior loved ones that they matter and are worthy of being cherished.

On March 4th, Answers for Elders Radio Show will go into syndication across the USA, and will be in numerous cities across America. We look forward to being a part of the many communities across the USA, in sharing the stories that matter most.

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Originally published February 16, 2023


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