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Top 99 Best Retirement and Senior Living Resources Near Honolulu

Are you retired and looking for a new home? Not sure where to find community support? We can help! At, we believe in the empowerment of older adults and their caregivers through knowledge. But, we also understand that at this juncture of life, time is your most valuable asset. So, why waste it doing another internet search? If you’re a senior or a caregiver living near Honolulu then we have you covered. Whether you’re looking for housing, support, or other services, you can find them all here! Continue on for our comprehensive list of the best retirement and senior living resources near Honolulu.


Area Agencies on Aging

Area agencies on aging connect adults with disabilities and senior citizens with the help, enrichment, and other resources necessary for their life quality to thrive. Assistance can be found through the Hawaii Executive Office of Aging or these local listings near Honolulu. Just click the drop-down menu below to navigate!

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Affordable Housing Help

Do you need help affording a home? That’s what the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is for! Public housing was created to provide safe and secure rentals for low-income families, seniors, and adults with disabilities. Click here to learn more about HUD and then browse some local housing authorities below.

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Meal Services & Food Assistance

meals prepared

Having a good variety of foods in your diet will help reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses. But, as you age, it can become more challenging to do all the shopping and cooking yourself. If you need assistance securing food or help with meal-prepping, there are services that can help!

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Assisted Living Near Honolulu

Assisted living may be the perfect option for seniors who enjoy their active and independent lifestyle but are beginning to need a little help. It’s great for those who have difficulties with motor skills and balance or are living with a memory-impairing condition. Accommodations and costs will vary, so first knowing what’s out there will help! Here’s our list of the top-rated assisted living facilities near Honolulu.


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Caring Manoa

Nestled in the heart of beautiful Manoa Valley, this residential care home boasts a generous caregiver-to-patient ratio and private bedrooms, with air-conditioning and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. Residents can enjoy parties and fun recreational activities. View Caring Manoa details.

Hale Ku’ike

This is assisted living with a memory care twist! Not only is the team specially trained to deal with a wide range of memory disorders, but this facility has healing gardens—the perfect place to sit and reflect. View Hale Ku’ike details.

Kina ‘Ole Estate

In addition to weekly maid service and in-home massages, a registered nurse is available 24/7! Rooms are both fully furnished and equipped with emergency response systems. View Kina ‘Ole Estate details.

The Plaza at Mililani

This facility offers resort-style amenities and concierge services. Also, coffee addicts of the world can rejoice—The Plaza has a coffee bistro! View The Plaza at Mililani details.

Wilson Senior Living

Two words—spa room. Residents can also watch their favorite shows and movies on big screen TVs, as well as enjoy a wide range of personal care services. View Wilson Senior Living details.

Ilima at Leihano

If you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind dining experience, look no further than Ilima at Leihano! Additionally, there’s a shaded lanai, perfect for socializing, sipping a cool drink, or reading your favorite book. View Ilima at Leihano details.

One Kalakaua Senior Living

On top of fully-equipped exercise facilities, One Kalakaua also offers fitness and craft classes! Of course, staff members are always available to attend to any need—from bathing assistance to companionship. View One Kalakaua Senior Living details.


Nursing Homes Near Honolulu

A nursing home is for seniors who don’t need a hospital but require a higher level of care than can be provided elsewhere. Nursing homes feature structured schedules, meals, and around-the-clock medical treatment. Residents have care plans and receive regular health assessments. Accommodations and costs will vary, so first knowing your options will be a big help!

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Retirement Communities Near Honolulu

Traditional retirement communities offer adults over 55 an economic option for leading active and independent lifestyles. Though each community is different, most will offer security and a variety of services and amenities. Residents can be as involved or relaxed in the community as they want! If you’re in the Honolulu area and thinking about moving, then check out these communities first.

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Adult Day Care Near Honolulu

Adult day services offer seniors and those with disabilities professional care, socialization, and enrichment opportunities. These programs usually work in a community-based group setting. They’re designed to provide supervised care and promote quality of life for both participants and their families. If adult day care is something you or a loved one would like to try, then check out our list below! We’ve found all the top-rated facilities in Honolulu.

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Home Care Services In Honolulu

For seniors who are aging in place, home care can include a wide range of services and supports with one common goal: improving quality of life. Home care should provide ways to maintain independence, stay safe, and remain in your home longer. And, since there are so many choices out there, we looked for only the highest-rated in your area. If you’re looking for any type of home care service around Honolulu, then start here.

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Housekeeping & Cleaning Services

Support comes in all shapes and sizes. If you’re in need of some help around the house, then a cleaning service could be for you! Do you want a reliable, professional, and top-rated company? Well then, it’s a good thing those are the only kinds we’ve found! Oh, and, did we mention how affordable they are?

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Hey, Seniors and Caregivers!

Whether it’s time for a change, or you’re just doing some research, we can help! Senior Resource is your one-stop spot for all-things retirement! We do the work for you so you have more time to enjoy life. exists to provide aging adults, retirees, and caregivers with applicable, and educational content, relevant to the over 55 community. As such, we address topics like senior housing, nursing care, and aging-in-place.

Click here to find more senior resources in Honolulu, HI.

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Originally published October 24, 2023


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